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International Aid Groups + Donors

International aid groups and the donors who support them are the two most important groups we are targeting with this film. Watching a project from inception to beyond completion, gives these two groups an opportunity to see a single development project from a “birds eye view”.


Journalists + Students

Our outreach to journalists will present this as an earthquake story that took six years to report. Tim is building a school is because of a story he heard in 2010. The film examines the phenomenon of “disaster reporting” and the responsibility journalists have to the story.


What are we doing?

Filmmakers have spoken on the radio, at donor meet ups and NGO meetings to discuss the issues brought up in the film. We are growing our network of interested parties to follow up once the film is completed.

The ultimate goal is for the film to be relevant to both policy makers and the general public so they can make a more nuanced and informed decision about the complex and delicate issues that arise when confronted with the world’s hardest problems to solve. 

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